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XOBIS Root Element and General Organization

The XOBIS root element is RecordList. It was chosen to permit processing of both single records and record sets.It consists of one or more Record elements. Each record consists of three required components. First, ControlData contains metadata concerning the record itself. Information, such as date created and maintained, record type, and its status history, is included within ControlData's three container elements:ID, Types, and Actions. This should not be confused with MARC's "fixed fields."Secondly, Principal Elements is a variable representing any one of 10 defined essential categories of information content generally recorded by archives, libraries, museums, and organizations performing similar roles in order to provide bibliographic/informational access and authority control to a wide variety of resources regardless of format.Thirdly, the Relationships element accommodates links between any pair of the Principal Elements. This single element replaces three different features of MARC:1. "linking entries" associating different bibliographic records (76x-78x), 2. implicit relationships existing between traditional "access points" and the work represented by a record (65x, 7xx, etc.), and, 3."see related" entries found in authority records (5xx).Thus, the tripartite Record element is central to the fundamental structure of XOBIS shown in Figure 1.

XOBIS Fundamental Structure

Figure 1.   XOBIS Fundamental Structure

This basic arrangement provides a consistent framework, unifying all Principal Elements into a simple infrastructure, while delineating fundamental differences in the data characteristics, necessary to support envisioned functionality.